Thornspawn ‎– Death Is The Crown Of All DigiPak CD

Thornspawn ‎– Death Is The Crown Of All DigiPak CD

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Compilation limitiert auf 300 mit Poster zu jeder CD!

US black Metal

1 Blood Of The Holy Taint Thy Steel...

2 Master Of The Bloodfury

3 Desecration And Blasfemia

4 Venemous Words Of The Crucifix

5 The Dacian Empire

6 Under The Horns Of Crescent Moon

7 Seven Are They (The Spawn Of Nabu)

8 Lucifer's Hammer

9 We Bear The Mark Of The Beast

10 Obsidian Heart

11 Damned, Doomed & Pride In The Fire

12 Deceased Divinity (Pious Pulpit Burnt To Ashes)

13 Deathlust

14 Baphobanner (Flag Of Horror)

15 Thorns Of Black Spawned From The Altars Of Northrav

16 Blood Spilled Upon Thrones Of Absu

17 From The Jakals Womb

18 I, The Great Incinerator Of Deceased Jerusalem

19 My Altar Shall Be Your Grave

20 Divus de Mortuus (Necrovore Cover)

21 Hail Sathanas (Beherit Cover)