Lunar Chalice - Cult of Medievil Heresy DigiPak CD

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new ep from this german project of Sacrilegious Rite, Maleficus, Nightwalker, Todesweihe,....

6 panel DigiPak

Review Bathoryzine

With a quality that could perfectly fit an actual album, this demo starts straight away with its darkness that is maintained throughout the 4 songs. This album takes Black Metal in its purest form but makes it slightly slower to maintain their atmosphere, somewhat like Hades Almighty, although there are obviously fast parts too, like the rip-off of Darkthrone’s Unholy Black Metal in “Walpurgis Dance”, but luckily rip-offs of legendary songs are cool in Black Metal demos.
The voice isn’t too usual in this style, and it resembles the one of Clandestine Blaze, and in the title track like Mayhem, a band that can easily be identified as an inspiration for the demo. This voice may seem out of place at the beginning, but after some minutes you realise how greatly it fits the music. These previously mentioned fast parts are also great combined with the slower ones, with their restless drumming and tremolo picking that define the genre in all of its splendour.
I recommend this album to anyone who like pure Black Metal, if you enjoy demos but also if their quality disgusts you and prefer actual albums, since the sound fits alright in any of the 2 distinctions.