Goatvulva ‎– Goatvulva CD

Goatvulva ‎– Goatvulva CD

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"Erotic Worship" Demo #5

Intro: Do Me Evil Bitch Goddess Bizarre Dreams Midnight Suck Session Wanna Drill Your Black Hole Black Love MMM, Wet & Juicy Nuclear Clit Game 69 Passion

"Crucifixus" Demo #4 Crucifixus

"Rehearsal '90" Mistress From Hades Nocturnal Blessing

"Blasphemous Sexfago" Demo #1 Blasphemous Sexfago

"Baphometal" Demo #2 Intromantic Undefiled Wisdom At The Gates Of Fornication Black 666 Satanic Sex Doglord Of Impiety

"Capella" Demo #3 Intropic Pleasures Cats Of Mortification Procreation Of Black Goat Angel Vomit Sadomator B.M. Goat Evil Souls Let's Kill All! Unholy Captain Hate Bloodfire Dark Triumph